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A catalytic platform to advance and strengthen social investment globally to deliver sustainable, high-impact solutions to pressing social challenges

Regional networks that make things work

The four regionally-led networks collectively represent the largest global social investment platform. Our unique multi-sector approach represents the full ‘Continuum of Capital’, recognising the role of all forms of capital in creating social and environmental impact.

By leveraging this consortium of regional networks, IVPC has access to the local knowledge and partnerships necessary for deep impact. By coordinating globally, IVPC has the potential to achieve the scale required to meet our global challenges.

Our Mission

To accelerate and increase the flow of capital towards impact

Empowering funders to be more effective at providing capital for impact.

Sharing best practices and cross-pollinating across geographies to maximize value.

Unlocking more capital and increasing urgency for critical issue areas.

Providing opportunities to activate capital - globally and locally.

Bridging between global and local stakeholders

Giving agency to local communities to address their most pressing needs while connecting to the global agenda

Highlighting global and local solutions to maximize social and environmental impact.

Amplifying underrepresented voices and best practice approaches

GAIN has the foundation for deep impact at scale

With 1100 members across 70 countries, supported by more than 120 people on the ground.

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Networks trusted by 125+ partners along the journey

Featured initiatives

Leveraging our locally-rooted networks, IVPC drives collective impact at scale.

Global South Impact Community (GSIC)

Elevating the voice of the Global South

The Global South Impact Community (GSIC) is a group of impact leaders, predominantly from the Global South, convened by IVPC at The Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in July 2022 to generate new ways of thinking about development in the Global South in a post-pandemic world. We are currently working with the GSIC to further build this community and harness the potential of Global South leaders.


Unlocking capital into climate action

IVPC and Laudes Foundation, in partnership with WINGS, convened a group of capital providers on the sidelines of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in November 2022. As we recover from the pandemic while striving for Net Zero, it is more important than ever for global collaboration and catalytic finance to be leveraged for the transition to a green, resilient, and inclusive future.

About The Global Alliance for Impact Networks

Our Unique

The leading regional networks for social investment in Europe (EVPA), Asia (AVPN), Latin America (Latimpacto) and Africa (AVPA) are collaborating to create a first of its kind global platform for capital mobilization – helping the right money flow to the right opportunities to accelerate social and environmental impact.

Powered by the insights and deep relationships of our networks, the platform will also leverage the latest technology to recommend relevant opportunities and streamline due diligence and impact reporting. The effort is informed by more than a decade of ecosystem building and seeks to unlock more impact capital across the full continuum from grants to debt and equity.

Through our community of 1100+ impact capital providers we are well positioned to provide a bottom-up global pipeline of investable opportunities as well as connectivity to a vibrant ecosystem of unusual allies ranging from philanthropic foundations and impact investors to corporate impact vehicles, financial institutions and intermediaries. This initiative is focused on increasing access to finance for impact enterprises closest to the problems we need to solve while providing peace of mind for funders looking to support verified organizations with high operational and impact integrity.

The Global Alliance for Impact Networks aims to strengthen the social investment ecosystem around the world, leveraging our shared strength and unique approach:


Community-driven and Benefiting from Global Information Exchange


Breaking silos to Activate Multi-sector Stakeholders


Leveraging All Forms of Capital including Financial, Human and Intellectual


Aggregating International & Local Capital Towards Localized Solutions

Who we are

Highly experienced board and team with a long history of working in the social investment sector


Naina has been the CEO of AVPN, the leading social investment network in Asia, since 2013 and served as Chairperson from 2018 to 2021.

Naina Subberwal Batra


Roberta joined EVPA as CEO in September 2020 from Novartis where she covered international roles in strategy, business operations and market access.

Roberta Bosurgi

Non-Executive Director

Carolina has 25 years of professional life, and 17 years dedicated to promoting private social investment and philanthropy. 

Carolina Suárez Visbal

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Frank Aswani is the CEO of AVPA, a network of social investors collaborating to increase the flow of capital into social investment across Africa.

Dr. Frank Aswani

Non-Executive Director

Senior Consultant & Speaker, Author of Can’t Not Do, Founding President of SVP International.

Paul Shoemaker

Non-Executive Director

Leslie Johnston launched Laudes Foundation as its first Chief Executive Officer in January 2020, bringing over 20 years of management experience across business and philanthropy.

Leslie Johnston

Non-Executive Director

Pablo Gabriel has chaired Fundación Mario Santo Domingo for 32 years.

Pablo Gabriel

Non-Executive Director


Allie is the Executive Director of GAIN. She formerly spent 5 years on the leadership team of AVPN in Singapore and Vietnam.

Allie Hollowell

Executive Director

Before joining GAIN, Mia Floyd worked for Coxe Curry & Associates, consulting with nonprofits to attract resources and execute fundraising strategies for organizational growth.

Mia Floyd

Senior Associate

Allan Muirhead is the financial controller for GAIN and his main responsibilities include cash management, preparing financial reports, governance and regulatory matters.

Allan Muirhead

Financial Controller

Advisory Board

Founder of EVPA, AVPN, AVPA & Latimpacto

Douglas Miller

Founding Chair and Emeritus Advisor

Heather McLeod Grant is an independent philanthropy advisor, author, and social entrepreneur with more than 30 years of leadership in social impact.

Heather McLeod Grant

Advisory Board Member

Gayle is Senior Managing Director of pfc Social Impact Advisors.

Gayle Peterson

Advisory Board Member

Zoran Puljic is the 2010 Schwab (World Economic Forum) Social Entrepreneur, co-founder of and founding director of Mozaik Foundation.

Zoran Puljic

Advisory Board Member

Neera Nundy is Partner and Co-Founder of DASRA India, which started in 1999. As co-founder, Neera leads eco-system building initiatives and facilitates key partnerships with

Neera Nundy

Advisory Board Member

Fumi currently oversees businesses and leads investments in new impact investment funds, products and intermediaries at the Japan Social Innovation & Investment Foundation (SIIF).

Fumi Sugeno

Advisory Board Member

Founding director of the US Social Innovation Fund; former Executive Partner at New Profit, Inc.; senior advisor and co-founder of the Bridgespan Group.

Paul Carttar

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Lisa Hehenberger is an Associate Professor in the department of Strategy and General Management at ESADE, and Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute.

Lisa Hehenberger

Advisory Board Member

Experienced Chair and serial social entrepreneur with extensive experience of working with boards in Europe, Asia and North America.

Patrick Dunne

Advisory Board Member

Shruti is a Managing Partner leading education work at New Profit, working to fundamentally reimagine the future of teaching and learning in America.

Shruti Sehra

Advisory Board Member

Daniela joined Snowball as CEO in September 2019 and is excited about systemic solutions for a healthy, prosperous and peaceful future in this planet.

Daniela Barone Soares

Advisory Board Member

Press releases

The latest news, features, and announcements from IVPC

March 2, 2023

Doug Miller: Visionary, godfather of venture philanthropy, ‘pain in the ass’

September 7, 2022

G20 urged to leverage 1% of global wealth towards SDGs

December 14, 2022

Direct 1% of world’s wealth to Global South to create inclusive economy, G20 leaders urged

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