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Rallying together to advance transformative action

The Global South Impact Community (GSIC) is a group of impact leaders, predominantly from the Global South, who gathered at The Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in July 2022 to generate new ways of thinking about development in the Global South in a post-pandemic world. Representing public, private, and philanthropic sectors from 16 countries across five continents, this group is committed to taking action on the recommendations from their statement to the G20 and plans to amplify this urgent agenda at global convenings.

Perspective of the Global South

Attendees represented actors from across the Continuum of Capital — philanthropic foundations, impact funds, family offices, banks, asset managers, and private equity/venture capital — who are dedicated to climate action. The event welcomed nearly 60 people including 8 high profile speakers who shared their insights:

Yuki Yasui

Managing Director, Asia Pacific GFANZ

Bruno Aranha

Managing Director, BNDES

Carl Brinton

Executive Vice President of Programs, The Rockefeller Foundation

Steve Waygood

Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors

Rhian-Mari Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, Green Finance Institute

Dr. Dina Zayed

Programme Director, Climate Emergency Collaboration Group (CECG)

Nazmeera Moola

Chief Sustainability Officer, Ninety One

To leverage the full continuum of capital to scale and accelerate impact globally.



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Amplifying the impact of global leaders

The gathering brought together impact leaders to envision a just, green, and inclusive pandemic recovery. The immediate output was a statement to the G20, which called for a radical change of the global financial architecture, as well as increased representation from the Global South in global decision-making forums. The statement includes four key recommendations for G20 leaders, to leverage catalytic capital to build a new growth model inclusive of the Global South post-Covid-19. These include:

With support from The Rockefeller Foundation

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It’s time for the Global South to lead

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Please Note: GAIN has been put on hold

As a family of networks that aims to move capital toward impact effectively, we would like to inform you that, after careful consideration, we have decided to suspend the GAIN (Global Alliance of Impact Networks) platform for the time being. This decision has been made to reassess and refine our approach.
Despite the temporary suspension of the GAIN platform, we are pleased to announce that the four networks—Impact Europe, AVPN (Asia), AVPA (Africa), and Latimpacto (Latin America)—will continue to collaborate as sister networks. Each network will remain dedicated to advancing the cause of impact in their respective geographical regions.
This strategic decision reflects our commitment to maximizing global impact through various forms of capital, even as we recalibrate the GAIN platform. By uniting our efforts, we can leverage each partner network’s unique strengths and insights to drive positive change in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
We express our gratitude for the ongoing support from our stakeholders, partners, and the broader community.  We understand the importance of our collective mission and remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering impactful change in diverse regions worldwide.
While the GAIN platform is currently on hold, we look forward to reviving this initiative at a later stage. Our goal is and will continue to be to bring together the best in global innovative practices to create a more robust and effective platform for maximizing impact across borders, taking advantage of the 1,100 providers of capital we gather as a family of networks, that invest across the continuum of capital, offering a unique value to them to maximize their impact. 
We appreciate your understanding during this transitional period and value your continued support as we work towards our shared vision of a more sustainable and impactful future.

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